Project Description

Development of a new waste water treatment technology through the use of micro-filtration mechanisms through membranes submerged in the secondary treatment

The goal of this project is to develop a new filtration technology for the waste waters treatment, through the incorporation of a technology involving micro-filtration through submerged membranes (bio-reactor) during the secondary treatment. This will facilitate the removal of the secondary decanter, ensuring the properties of the water outlet, for its next passing, or not, through the final disinfection process or the tertiary treatment, depending on the final use of the treated effluent.

For this purpose a study must be carried out concerning the waste water treatment line comprising the primary and secondary treatments, as well as the characteristics of the water inlet to the tertiary treatment (effluent from the secondary treatment), when necessary, and the required properties of the water outlet from the tertiary treatment   (DBO, DQO, SS, toxicity, TON, COT, etc.).

The purpose of the filtration through membranes in the secondary treatment of the waste waters is to provide a better retention and separation of the biomass. In this manner the work can be achieved with a rate of solids much higher than the one of conventional processes; for this reason it is so important for this project to develop a secondary treatment of the waters through micro-filtration in bio-reactor.  This process is understood as a previous step to the processes of disinfection, provided a disinfection process is required (for instance in human consumption).

The efficiency of the filtration will depend on the contamination degree of the membranes, which will be inhibited or reduced in each moment by a diffusers system located under each one of the membranes´ modules. While the system is operational (the aeration system), it will provide an ascending air current which will clean their surface thus minimizing the contamination effect and ensuring the optimum characteristics outlet of the permeate.


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